Schedule of Workshops, Classes and Appearances

Donna Kemper is available to speak to groups, teach classes and workshops and to lea d study groups in the fields of Energy Medicine Energy Psychology. She is a core faculty member of the Eden Energy Certification Program and will be teaching, facilitating and assisting in the Donna Eden Methods of Energy Medicine.

Descriptions of Classes

EM101: Introduction to Eden Energy Medicine – Self-care and intro to working with others.  Learn a simple 5-Minute Daily Routine to give energy, stamina, and the immune system a strong boost. Discover the subtle energy systems within you and what you need to do to balance them and keep them balanced!  Also: Meridian tracing, The Triple Warmer/Spleen Relationship, Holding Acu-points, Balancing Your Aura, and more.

EM102: Working with Others. Topics include: Energy Testing, Testing if Foods are good for you, Self-Testing,  Meridian Balancing,  Pain Techniques, Quickie Balancer, Balancing the Eyes, and more.

Putting It All Together.  Topics include Overview of Energy Medicine, How to Energy Test Yourself and Others, How to Test and Correct for Components of the Daily Routine, How to Restore the Triple Warmer/Spleen Imbalance (that is so prevalent in our culture).

Activating the Radiant Circuits – Also known as Joy Generators, the Radiant Circuits play an integral part in the overall health of the body’s energy systems. Learn how to test for imbalances and how to correct them.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) This simple, yet powerful tool, allows you to literally tap your fears, insecurities, some physical problems, unwanted feelings, compulsions and obsessions out of the body. Easy to learn and amazingly effective.

FOUNDATIONS – Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Program towards Certification -Year 1of a 2-year comprehensive study of Energy Medicine. Formerly available only in Phoenix, AZ, now available in Connecticut for four 3-1/2 day classes, Thurs-Sun in June, Aug, Nov and Jan. (2013-14 dates TBA)

2014 Upcoming Classes

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I am also available to lead a study group or to be featured as a guest speaker at a professional group.