I came to Donna to find out why I kept sabotaging myself when I knew what I should do. Donna’s skills with hypnotherapy and EFT have helped to cut through issues that would have taken months, if not years, with other therapy approaches.

Sharon C., Fundraiser

It has been a great pleasure and honor working with you. You have been an exemplary teacher and practitioner role model for me all along the path.

Jan.W., Attorney and Energy Medicine Student

Thank you. Last night was the first night I experienced uninterrupted sleep in weeks.

G.S., Account Executive

After twenty two years of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, it took just one session with Donna to totally get rid of the habit…..Donna’s skill as a therapist and my strong desire to quit smoking that lead to such a dramatic outcome.

Alex R., Computer Consultant

A session with Donna is like a massage for the mind.

Anne G., Business owner

Hi Donna, I had my dentist appointment today and things went really well. I had two cavities filled and I got through it with absolutely no anxiety and it went very smoothly. Your help has been life-changing for me. Thank you again.

Laura P.

Today, I had the best day that I've had in years. I was able to accomplish so much - even physically - but also emotionally. I actually looked forward to getting stuff done. That's been a long time coming and I owe it to you. Thanks so much.

Judy L.

Two sessions with Donna and I was on the weight loss path with ease. Her gentle manner and powerful insights inspire!

Don W., Author

I was a serious chain smoker and really enjoyed every puff. The a.m. after my session with Donna, I woke up and grabbed for my cigarettes, as usual. I could not light up! I started to gag at the though of smoking. Imagine that after more than 30 years!

Maureen M., Office Manager

Thank you so much for your informative and fun program at our Hospice Center. Since you were here I have run into several of the participants who thought as I did, that it was a great program!

Donna D., RN

It's been a little over a week since my last 'cancer stick'...sometimes my cravings feel effortless to get through and others seem more intense, but i haven't had one. The hypnosis and other techniques you used with me were and continue to be tremendous help. I can't thank you enough for all the time you spent with me. I feel fortunate to have crossed paths with you.

Cynthia P., Aspiring Nurse

Hypnotherapy gave me the tools to keep me focused on my goal of weight loss. The relaxation tapes were very important to stress reduction. I found that I was able to walk away from trigger foods without feeling I was restricting myself. I simply didn't want them.

DK, Realtor

After one session with Donna, I cut my smoking by less than half. I amazed myself. I stopped smoking completely soon thereafter and have been smoke free ever since. Donna's gentleness, compassion and hypnotherapy techniques helped me accomplish my goal.

Robert B.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. It has been 2 months since I last had a cigarrette. Donna Kemper you are a jewel you gave me the tools and I can honestly say I'm done. I look forward to breathing better every day, not having a terrible odor (stale smoke), having a few extra bucks and not having a chain around my neck.

Robert O., Finance

I was totally impressed by Donna’s professionalism while touched by the gentleness she shared in being present to me during some challenging times in my life. After attending her workshop a I rounded up my friends and family so they too could be lifted by her spirit and Energy Medicine techniques shared. My mom who is 88 felt alive, her sister who is 78 experienced a peace that opened doors for her within her relationship with her husband...the techniques work...Donna brings them to life so powerfully that you leave her workshop refreshed, wanting more and committed to keeping the skills alive.

Maureen R., Sales trainer

Donna's skill was critical in helping me with long held trauma that didn't respond to any other therapy. She knows how to get to where you need to go, stays with you in the process and can bring you back more whole in body, mind and heart


There was something magical about this latest class. I feel like there was a congealing of a six sided unit, kind of like a benzene ring with its perfect harmonization. Each of us having an equally important role to play, even though your role as teacher was most predominant. Each of us brought a significant part to the puzzle.

P.C., Soil Scientist

I just wanted to say Thank you. My energy has made such big shifts and it feels good since working with you. The hypnotherapy really made a big difference with my inner chatter. I feel more relaxed and like I am living in the moment and not trying to be somewhere else in my head. I also find I'm walking slower and taking longer strides rather than trying to rush through the moment. The issue with my father has come up before and I've done other therapies but the hypnotherapy really changed the situation. Thank you.


Thank you again for your teaching. I am continuously amazed at your patience and endurance and clarity. I'll keep doing the energy work and hope that I can approach the energy you exude. Thank you. Thank you.

E.C., Massage Therapist

A quick note of congratulations on a thoroughly enjoyable presentation at the Surgical Center last night. Kudos for your polished stage presence, the hour literally breezed by. Any skeptics were putty in your hands by the end of the lecture.

P.B. Podiatrist

The big surprise for me in Class 8 was getting to know you. I am forever a Donna Kemper fan. Somehow, I had managed to have no prior sense of your gentle, loving, and open energy, even though you had previously contributed to our instruction. The EEMCP is lucky to have you.

P.L., Certified EEM Practitioner

I am feeling the positivity that you helped me get into today! Thank you so much. I am believing more in the possibility of a great relationship coming my way after our session. Your generosity of spirit is fascinating!

A.M. Nutritionist

If you remember, I came to search your help about 5 years ago because I couldn't conceive. And now my daughter is 3-1/2 years old - my dream came true, and that is, I believe, with your help.
She was naturally conceived, after 3 negative IVF...
A true miracle...

E.N., Mother

Thank you again for your teaching. I am continuously amazed at your patience, endurance, and clarity. I'll keep doing the energy work and hope that I can approach the energy you exude.


At the airport I started to get anxious when no one was checking passports and security seemed a little too relaxed.
I went to the gate and listened to your recording. About 30 minutes before boarding time I went to the bathroom and did my EFT.
The plane ride was great. When I got on the plane I listened again. After dinner I listened to the recording again and went off to sleep very easily and stayed asleep until I was woken up with the 30min until landing announcement! I am very happy that I was able to prove to myself I can do it. Thank you for helping and guiding me!!

E.F., Student