Emotional Freedom Technique™ (EFT)

This technique is acupuncture WITHOUT the needles! Tapping certain points on the face, upper body and hands helps to eliminate the negative charge around a memory, fear, or anxiety-filled incident.

EFT enables you to clear major obstacles without reliving the trauma. You access parts of your subconscious mind safely, easily, and rapidly without going into a trance. EFT allows the clearing of core beliefs which inhibit one’s personal growth. A core belief such as “I have to be perfect” can make life very difficult. This is subtle, yet powerful work, during which you discharge the sting around old wounds.

As people experience EFT, most report a profound EASING of stress-producing emotions like anxiety and fear, anger and frustration, and sadness. Even cravings can be eliminated via EFT! AND, EFT is fast, effective and easy to use.